Area Rug Cleaning 
Orientals, Dhurries, Throw Rugs, Hook Rugs, Specialty Rugs, you name it and we clean it, safely and effectively.

Carpet Cleaning

Commercial truck-mounted equipment in combination with a hot-water extraction loosens and lifts ground in dirt and soil, removing deep dirt in carpet and upholstery fibers. This is the cleaning system recommended by America's largest carpet manufacturers. That's just one reason to choose Best Services, Inc. to clean your carpets.

Carpet Repairs and Stretching

Stretch your carpet to remove wrinkles. Delaying stretching can damage carpet permanently. Call us today for

a free estimate. 770-438-9442 Carpet burns, pet damage, berber snags, seams, squeaky floors, transitions.

Upholstery Cleaning 
Let us clean your upholstered furnishings. Whether they are durable synthetics or delicate natural fibers, Best Services, Inc. can make them look great! Dry cleaning and steam cleaning are available for fabrics. Leather will be hand cleaned and conditioned.

Don’t send your drapes out for cleaning. Best Services, Inc. can handle your drapes, cornice boards right in your home. Call us for pricing 770-438-9442.

Vehicle Interiors, Boats, RV’s 
Cars, SUV’s, Trucks, Boats, Airplanes, Recreational Vehicles, we can handle your cleaning needs at your location. Call us for pricing 770-438-9442.

Carpet & Upholstery Protection 
Don’t be without this valuable protection against dry soils and spills. Scotchgard and Teflon are the most trusted names in carpet and upholstery protection. Keep your carpet and upholstery cleaner, spot free with these fine products. Just ask us how these time tested products work and we will be glad to explain it to you.

Deodorizing, Enzymes, Pet Odor 
Pet, kids and other causes sometimes create persistent odor problems that need extra attention. Enzyme attacks odor problems at their source. Most of us have pets and no matter how careful we are sometimes accidents happen. When they do, call on Best Services, Inc. to handle your needs.

Tile and Grout Cleaning 
It's easy to keep your tiled-surfaces and grout lines looking great! Just turn the job over to Best Services. At Best Services, we boldly go where your household cleaners haven't gone before! Dirt trapped in the pores of your tile and grout can be impossible to remove with traditional cleaning methods Let Best Services help! With our powerful truck-mounted cleaning system, we'll safely clean your surfaces (such as flooring, showers and countertops), removing dirt and contaminants. Then we'll apply a penetrating sealer, protecting the grout against mildew and staining.



Carpet Cleaning - Carpet Repairs



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