Carpet Repairs and Stretching

Stretch your carpet to remove wrinkles and ripples Carpets Look Better and Last Longer!!!!

In this economy we can't afford to waste money on replacing carpet that doesn't need replacement. Professional carpet stretching allows us to remove waves and wrinkles that have formed in your carpet making your carpet less appealing and unsafe.   Power stretching carpet is one of the most crucial aspects of carpet installation but in order to save money knee-kickers are being used to kick in carpet.  As a result of poor installation of carpet often leads to wrinkles in about 24 months. Sometimes water damage or simply aging can also produce similar effects on the carpet. In such cases, carpet stretching becomes inevitable. You should consider stretching carpet as soon as the first few wrinkles begin to show. Delaying stretching can damage the carpet permanently as the wrinkles often lead to ripping and tearing of the carpet. To check if the carpet needs to be stretched lift carpet up at the center and then snap it back. If the carpet lies flat, you probably do not need to stretch it. However, if it does not go back to its place, then your carpet needs a stretching.

Don’t Delay – Call Today!!!  Stretching Will Increase The Life Of Your Carpet. 

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Custom Patch Work… 770-438-9442
We can repair holes, burns, and tears by replacing the damaged area with a matching piece of carpet, usually taken from a closet area or from a carpet remnant. The closet carpet can then be replaced with a matching piece of carpet remnant found at a carpet distributor. When seams begin to look bad or come apart, they can easily be repaired. Our talented and hardworking staff can't wait to get to work making your carpets look young again. We can find a way to solve your carpeting problems. Don't fret - expert help is just a phone call away! 

Berber Repairs...  770-438-9442
If you get a snag in your berber carpet you should get it fixed right away or the snag could run across the room!!! Whether it’s the vacuum cleaner or the dog’s nails snagging your carpet, we can fix it. Call us today for a free estimate. 

Custom Carpet Repairs Are Our Specialty... 770-438-9442

  • Carpet Stretching
  • Berber Snags
  • Carpet Patching
  • Burn holes                                                                  
  • Re-tacking
  • Thresholds
  • Transitions
  • Candle Wax
  • Bleach Marks
  • Re-Seam
  • Furniture Stains/Marks
  • Pet Damages
  • Reinstall After Water Damage
  • Squeaky Floors Under Carpet
  • Small carpet installation
  • Surround Sound Systems, Cable, Internet Wiring under carpet


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